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Monday, September 24, 2007

Okay. So, I came back here after a break, and now guess what? My computer is dying. I have no sound. My USB ports are not working. My DVD re-writer isn't working. All themes and stuff have reverted to Windows classic. My device manager says I have nothing in my computer. So, I dont know how long I will be online this time. I am trying to baby it while I am trying to fix it. but I think its terminal. I dont know what I am going to do without my computer. I rely on it so much.Oh well. I guess I dont really have any choice. I cant afford a new one, or even a 2nd hand one. So, If I go missing, I'll see you whenever I can get on a library computer.

Be good. Cheer on Tony for me. See ya!

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

My daughter got married just short of two years ago. A couple of months ago, her husband, Danny, walked out on her and the kids. Left her for a woman twice his age. Kristi was devastated. But with a lot of love, help, and a HUGE amount of hard work on her part, Kristi is dealing with it. She has already filed for divorce. She will not let Danny make a fool of her. I am SO proud of her.

I have had the two youngest grandkids a couple of times, to give her a break. They are a joy. I love them to bits. Here are a few photos I took of them when they stayed with me.

So cute, and so smart. But then, maybe I am just a TINY bit biased :)

Clive has been having a lot of trouble sleeping again.We have tried so many things, but he just keeps either waking six or seven times a night, or just not being able to fall asleep in the first place. Of course, every time he wakes up, it disturbs me. So we are both so tired

The dogs are all doing just fine. Shunya has grown so much. She is developing a super character, but very, very mischievous. She is wary of strangers, but once she has been introduced to them she loves them to bits. She is very much a people dog. As can be seen in this photo.

Right. Off to watch the European Eventing Championship on tv. I want to see if us Brits can win our 7th consecutive team title. We also have a very, VERY good chance of getting the gold and bronze individuals too.

Take care.

See ya!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I am so tired. I really SHOULD have been born American. Why do I love so many American things, but have to suffer in order to enjoy them? I love NASCAR, but I have to stay up late, or even not go to bed at all, to enjoy the races. I don't even get to see them!! Garth Brooks. I love that guys music like nothing else I have ever loved! Its like he's singing about me, to me, for me. But there is one boxed set I cant get my hands on. The Walmart one. I love cowboys. Okay, not ALL of them, but their creed, their life.

Tomorrow I get to show Jackie the house I think she should rent. Its nice. If it wasn't for the fact we have this house, and that one is too much for us to afford to rent, I would have taken it myself.
It will be fine for the dogs. Just had a call from Jackie. One of her cats died today. She is so broken up about it all. She needs to get out of that hell hole she is in now, and get her butt up here to Blackpool.

I REALLY hope Clive sleeps tonight. I need sleep, and I wont get any if he is constantly getting up throughout the night.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Life has been one long roller coaster ride over the last year. Things, good and bad, have all conspired to make life as difficult as possible. Yet here I am. I came out the other side. In one piece. And still sane. That's the amazing part of it.

My daughter, who thought she had achieved her dream of being happily married, with children, has had her dream smashed to pieces. Her husband of less then 2 years has walked out on her and the children. Kristi is filing for divorce. She tough, like her Mom. Yes okay, I know I can sound weak and pretty useless at times, but I AM still here. My life is still in one piece. I'm tougher then even I knew I was!

The dogs are all doing fine. Kita is now retired from breeding, and I have decided to retire Mishka and Inka too. My breeding programme is now lying on Shunya. She is turning into a wonderful, very pretty dog. She has a terrific sense of humour, and she is SO different from how she looked when we first got her. Everyone loves her as soon as they see her.She is far more self confident, and in fact has turned into quite a little madam when she wants to! She has grown well too. Topping Kita by at least 2 inches and Inka by 1 inch, and she is only half grown yet. Ben, of course still has many years of siring pups. The girls retire at age 8 or when they have had 6 litters. Whichever is first. Or, like Mishka and Inka, when they show no interest in breeding, or there are medical reasons not to breed.

One of the other things that has made life hard to deal with lately, is the problems that my friend, Jackie, has had to deal with. The loss of most of her dogs, and the lack of housing for her and her husband has left her feeling terribly down and depressed. But we are hoping to remedy that as soon as we can. Many of us are looking for suitable places to rent for her. I think I MIGHT have found one. Going to see it in an hour. Just hope its suitable.

Tony is doing well in Cup again. In the chase. Good chance of being champion again. Suits me just fine.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Some of you know that I am a member of Fan 1st, which sponsors Dave Blaneys car in the Busch races. Sometimes as associate sponsor, sometimes as primary sponsor. Part of the membership of Fan 1st involves the car carrying the names of the members of Fan 1st. I finally found a picture that shows my name on the car. Unfortunately, it was one of the times when the names wereon the deck lid, not the hood. But, my name is there, for all to see!! Seven rows up, about 1/4 of the way across the lid!

Next race where it will be on the hood should be Darlington. Not 100% sure yet though.

I said in my post last night that I had been working on the website for the dogs. I forgot to put in the link for anyone to look if they wanted. So here it is
Have a look, leave a message in the guest book. Enjoy.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

So much has been happening to me, but none of it is interesting. Well, some stuff has happened to friends, and that is interesting, but sad.

Clive approaches his 60th birthday with trepidation. He says he doesn't want to be old, but I tell him he's just as old as he feels, so he's about 6.

I have finally managed to build another website for my dogs. I dont mean for them to use!! I mean a site about them!

I just dont know what I want right now.

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

There seems to be a feeling in the air just lately. I don't know what it is, but everyone seems to be affected by it. No one seems to be as happy as they could be, or should be. Oddly enough, even though I don't feel great, I do feel okay. Maybe the fact i am usually depressed makes it different for me. I don't know.

I cant wait for the new race season to start. I miss it waaaaaaaaaaaay more then I thought I would. I guess I got it bad! ROFL!!

I am kind of desperate right now. I dont know which I need more, sleep or information. I am trying to sort a few things out for members of my family, but I am just SO tired! Not physically, but mentally. I think I need a new brain. Anyone know where i can purchase a new brain. Or even a used one, as long as it doesn't have too much info in it :)

My grandson Ty. Hard to remember he is only six months old.

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